A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A nonlinear story game with psychological realism set in a corporate simulation.

The Glazial Group is testing potential applicants for the newly vacant position of CEO.

  • VANISHED CEO: Replace the GLAZIAL CEO, who (unlike our real CEO) has vanished in the alps searching for a hidden company vault.
  • CHOOSE YOUR IDEOLOGY: Conspire with the global elite, side with unions, engage in embezzlement or rise with the company's A.I.



In holonoptic™, you will encounter a simulation of Geist_AI™, our proprietary artificial intelligence software for automated company management.

  • BASE & RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Geist_AI™ now supports human resources and office facility management.
  • GROW THE CONGLOMERATE: Expand your corporate empire into the weakened European market by acquiring unique companies or engaging them in hostile takeover battles.
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL REALISM: Every action or substance impacts your emotions, which in turn determines your performance, what you can say in dialogue and thus what course the story will take.



Unlike reality, the world of holonoptic™ is warped by the nation-like powers of multinational companies and ideological power struggles within those legal constructs.

  • CORPORATE SETTING: As you replace our vanished CEO and acquire other companies to expand into the weakened EURO zone, holonoptic™ will highlight the ideological implications of your choices and their impact on corporate culture.
  • CHARACTER-DRIVEN PLOT: Each manager you negotiate with is a nexus of distinct ideologies and psychological characteristics, offering you a different path to choose in the story.
  • EARLY STORY BRANCHING: Even your very first conference call can alter the plot dramatically.

Install instructions


1. unzip

2. open holonoptic.exe on Windows / holonoptic.sh on Linux / holonoptic.app on Apple

3. play


holonoptic-0.0.1-pc.zip 181 MB
holonoptic-0.0.1-mac.zip 163 MB


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Great concept, seems really interesting.  I think these dialogue-based games are going to really take off in popularity.  I may suggest working on player on-boarding, because after 20 minutes I still have no idea what's happening or what I should be doing or how the game mechanics work.  It seemed mostly like I was getting a hang of it until the first logoff, and then time started moving fast and there was no clear action except logging back in, which didn't really help resolve what should be happening.

Thank you for this very useful feedback! Geist_AI will be upgraded with better user guidance in the next version then.

This looks super rad

Why thank you. holonoptic actually measures your own radicalism by the ideological implications of your choices in the game.